What Is The Most Effective Herbal Remedy For Hypertension

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High blood pressure is a commonly found health disorder in today's busy lifestyle. It can be formed due to the imbalance in physical health, psychological health or both. If left unconsidered, high blood pressure can give rise to several health risks in future life. Coronary heart diseases, stroke and kidney failure are some among the main side effects due to high blood pressure level in body. Symptoms shown by a person suffering from high blood pressure level may not be unique always. Blurred vision, head ache, dizziness and shortness of breath are some common symptoms shown by a person suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension. In order to relieve the effects of high blood pressure, today you can get several herbal remedies from market. Best remedies works by curing the underlying cause of problem. Common causes contributing for high BP include heredity, increasing age, obesity, stress and too much sodium intake. Following are some effective herbal remedies for hypertension.

Garlic, one among the common ingredients in food recipes is a best herbal remedy for hypertension. It acts as a best cure for lowering the level of LDL cholesterol level. Inclusion of garlic cloves in food items dilates blood vessels, promotes blood circulation and prevents the risk of high blood pressure. Apart from lowering high blood pressure level, use of garlic cloves also helps in preventing other diseases like heart attacks, arthritis and lung problems. Hawthorn herb is another effective herbal remedy for hypertension problems. This herbal supplement has been used for centuries for the treatment of high blood pressure troubles. Leaf and flower part of hawthorn herb are commonly used for the preparation of ayurvedic medicines. Presence of antioxidants and flavonoids in hawthorn herb dilates blood vessels, makes blood circulation easier and prevents hypertension.

Stevia, well known for antiseptic property is an important herbal remedy for hypertension. This sweet medicine dilates blood vessels and lowers blood pressure level. It acts as a natural tonic for increasing urination and lowering blood sugar level. It reduces inflammations and prevents the attack of microorganisms like viruses, fungi and bacteria. Cayenne pepper is found to be as an effective herbal remedy for hypertension. Compounds present in cayenne pepper preventthe formation of arterial plaque, make blood circulation easier and improve the functioning of cardiovascular system. In order to achieve best result, it is also advised to follow healthy lifestyle by taking nutritive diet and doing regular exercises.

Amla, enriched with vitamin C is one among the safe home remedies suggested for curing hypertension problems. It is a blend of gallic acid, protein, carbohydrate, fibre, minerals and vitamins. Intake of amla lowers LDL cholesterol level, dilates blood vessels and makes blood circulation easier. Patients suffering from hypertension are advised to drink a cup of milk mixed with amla powder early in the morning. Presence of antioxidants in amla scavenges free radicals and delays the impact of aging. This drink also helps in providing other health benefits like preventing acidity and curing fatigue. Other effective herbal remedies prescribed for hypertension include stresx capsules, mistletoe, snakeroot, ginseng and tetrandrine.

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