Can Pimples Be Cured By Acne Herbal Remedy?

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Pimples are a kind of skin inflammation caused due to bacterial infection of oil glands. Pore blockage due to accumulation of skin cells, over wash, use of harsh chemicals, hormonal imbalance, improper food intake and dirt are some among the common causes leading way to pimple formation. According to appearance, pimples are mainly divided to six as pustules, cysts, whiteheads, blackheads, papules and nodules. As per research, pimples are commonly found among teenagers than people of other age groups. Following a healthy lifestyle by avoiding smoking and intake of alcohol is the best technique to relieve the symptoms of skin disorders. In order to minimize the risk of pimples, it is advised to avoidoily, processed and canned food items from diet. Today, there are lots of acne herbal remedies boasting pimple cure functions. Let’s see how the use of acne herbal remedy can cure pimples.

Aloe vera gel is an excellent acne herbal remedy that will cure pimple. At present, aloe vera gel is one among the main ingredientsin ayurvedic medicines for skin disorders. Cooling and soothing property enriched in aloe vera gel nourishes and makes your skin healthy. In order to relieve the symptoms of pimples, patients are advised to apply aloe vera gel mixed with essential oil on affected area. This herbal treatment is well known for their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and restorative properties. Regular use of this herbal cure heals acne, moisturizes skin cells and keeps your skin healthy. Eruption of pimple is a main reason behind scar formation. Topical application of aloe vera gel cures severe pimple cases and prevents the formation of scars on skin surface.

Topical application of cucumber paste on affected area is a safe acne herbal remedy to cure pimples. Cleansing property enriched in cucumber paste fights against bacteria and helps in curing pimples with zero side effects. It moisturizes skin cells and keeps your skin young by preventing dryness. Patients suffering from pimples are advised to apply cucumber paste on affected area for about 15 to 20 minutes duration. This herbal cure removes dead cells and prevents blackheads formation. Apart from curing pimples, consistent use of acne herbal remedy also helps in making skin soft, removing dark circles and clearing black spots.

Garlic is an effective acne herbal remedy to cure pimples on skin surface. Anti-bacterial property enriched in garlic fights against bacteria and prevents the formation of pimples. Apart from curing pimple, use of garlic also helps in reducing the formation of scar on affected area. Neem oil is another popular acne herbal remedy suggested by health practitioners. It cures redness, swelling and tenderness due to pimple formation. This herbal cure is well known for their antipyretic, antipoisonous and antidermatotic properties. Today, you can easily get neem based herbal products from market in the form of leaf powder, soap, capsules and shampoo. It detoxifies body cells and makes skin healthy. Tea tree oil, sandal wood paste, powdered orange dry skin and mint juice are other safeacne herbal remedies to cure pimples.

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